4/20: PRPL cLoud (Available Now!!)

4/20: PRPL cLoud (Available Now!!)
Doxside Music + TRDON

Doxside @ A3C in Atlanta



Ponce Beyond [
aliases: PXBD, Katarii Kid]

PXBD is a music producer, beatmaker, sound designer, artist & music consultant for Doxside Music Group (DMG) & his newly formed production house the Dojo Sound Creatives. He is also a native of Memphis, Tennessee which is home to Stax Records & Museum of American Soul, Graceland (Home of Elvis Presley), Sun Studios & the World Famous Beale Street. 
Ponce continues to create a buzz within the music circuit both through online music blogs & independent radio shows, more notably releasing his first single through the DMG label entitled “Kool Kidz” on Our Show Radio on WPRK 91.5 in Orlando, FL. 

He has also done work with MondayJazz.com out of Luthiuania, releasing two mixes entitled “Submerged Above Sound" (2008)  "Look Around You..." (2010). He has released two solo albums: "A Smoker's Dream" (2009), "The Id Aquarium EP" (2010) & a compilation album "4/20: PRPL cLoud" (2013) with Memphis artists PreauXX (GSB Music), Major F. Cook, Tres along with producers Alexander Odell (GSB Music) & IMAKEMADBEATS (E1 Records, DMG, GSB Music): PXBD also has features on "Dare Iz A Doxside: Volumes 1 & 2", released (2011, 2012), both released independently by DMG during 2011 & 2012. 

Ponce as a producer has an affinity for science fiction shows/series/movies such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Godzilla, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Bladerunner, Tron, etc. He also has a deep love for Japanese Animation (Anime), in which the overall feeling of both the Sci-Fi & Anime can be heard fused within his style of music.